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Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Between maturity and feelings

I started from maturity. Yapp, at my age is an adult now, i should be more responsible for myself. In private life, a life with someone else, and cannot be separated in the love life. And now, i want to talk about my love life. Everything can not be separated from divine intervention

I know how it feels to fall in love. and all people must have felt. I've ever loved someone so deeply. But it all ended up with so painful. pathetic. But, forget it, because, it was not important to me now. Let's talk about him. Who is he ? He is a man who a year back, has managed to make me feel love again. love that I do not know where it came from. You know what ? when I first met him, I felt something strange. I am always happy when he contacted me. If one day he does not call, I felt there was something missing. I thought I was crazy. Really crazy. Why can someone who not long ago I knew could make me like this ?

And now, it's been a year I was close to him. Without any relationship. just friends. but as more than a friend. Confused right? I am also confused with this kind of relationship. But I am happy just to like this. I feel comfortable near him. I really love him. though I never knew his feelings to me.

So, what is the relationship with maturity I mean above ? because I do not dare ask his feelings, so I don't ever know. Then I must have the courage to take decisions. Decision to release these feelings or keep him ? As an adult, I am required to make a choice... This is very heavy. tough decision, tough choice. May God bring feelings on the answer.

For you.. my mood booster... Thank you for making me a lot to learn. about patience, about understanding a person, about love, about strength. Thank you for making me feel the happiness. I hope you are indeed my destiny ..

With love


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